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Are you ready to embark on visual journeys and pathways around the world?  This site is intended to meet your wanderlust and provide you with images that you might see on your travels and provoke you to think about how you might implement, color, culture, texture and Patina to your interior design space.  Join me in traveling near and far, by guiding your senses and translating those images into your home.

Many people love travel & design, but I am… somewhat obsessed.  After pulling the trigger to venture out to new places, I am hidden off in my office hours on end.  What am I doing in my office, you ask?  Well I start out by buying 2 or 3 travel books and learn everything I can about the area we intend to visit. TripAdvisor, is my “Go To” site to ask questions and find hidden treasures in far off lands. My family can’t understand why in the world I would want to look at a map for 8 hours straight!My grandfather got me hooked on maps at an early age and taught me how to find my way from one location to another.  This is one way I get lost in the new location before even going to visit and start getting excited about the trek that awaits. 

Flowers in Tuscany – Janet Franz-Nelson


Not only do I love travel, but I am in a constant state of flux in my home, with interior design.  As soon as every wall in the house is painted (by myself I might add), it is time to start all over again.  Moving furniture 2 times a year and staying up-to-date on the interior design trends, keeps the creative mind fresh and active.  The one thing that really stimulates my senses of design, is the visual vignettes that motivate me in my traveling experiences.  The memories inspire me when I get home, to see how I might apply what I see in my photos and incorporate the experience into my home design through; Color, Texture, Patina and Sculpture.

My Home Entry Way – Janet Franz – Nelson

I am the youngest of 5 children and I am the baby of the family.  Being the youngest in the family provided me some added benefits, since my other siblings were older and at the time were up and out of the house during my formative years.  I was able to travel with my parents to Europe, Bermuda, and many US destinations.

My husband has been the love of my life since we met in college and after 27 years we continue to grow deeper in love, faith and friendship.

Blessings – Janet Franz-Nelson

We are also blessed with a daughter, who is currently in college and her DNA also includes the travel bug. Her college semester abroad took her to Orvieto, Italy to study art and was a huge highlight.  Teaching art in Ethiopia, working at a camp in Alaska and traveling with family to Canada, many national parks, Austria, Germany, Wales, etc., has made her the beautiful woman she is today.

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This site is intended to provide you with "Visual Journeys" to help you be inspired to travel the world and help you bring that experience into your home.

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  1. Congratulations sweet gal. I always knew your passion for travel would lead you to a lovely, informative blog. Can’t wait to keep up with your travels!

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