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Sitting at an outdoor cafe,, in the coastal village of Montecito I am happy! The smell of the ocean is combined with my fresh burger and coleslaw and is it just what the doctor ordered. Montecito is an upscale coastal village adjacent to Santa Barbara’s coastline. I always feel a little more classy here; fine food, fancy cars, multi-million dollar homes and high end retail. The people are welcoming and you really don’t need a car to get around. A good walk or bike ride (often available at the local hotels) brings you around town and to the local Beach.

America’s Riveria
Tall Palm Trees

Just a few blocks from downtown Monticeto village you can enjoy sunbathing, surfing and relaxation on Butterfly Beach. Many locals come here to meet up with friends , let the kids wade in the cold blue Pacific and take a walk or run for exercise. The mountains abut the coastline making the views breathtaking. This shore of California, is known as, America’s Riveria.

Butterfly Beach

Just a short drive north of Monticeto is Santa Barbara. Know for it’s pier, vast beachfront and many yachts.

Santa Barbara Harbor

Venture away from the water and you can find some hidden treasures. The local farmers market is a great place for all things fresh, free range, handmade and locally grown. Bring your bag and fill it up with succulents, berries, fruit and flowers: all from local area farmers. Note the vibrant color palette here.

My color palette take away from this visual journey is vibrant greens, blues reds, yellows and whites. This time of year you can’t help be overwhelmed with the multiple COLORS!

Coastal Palette

Here are my 3 Levels of Design to bring this coastal color palette to your home. Consider integrating:

  • 1) A surfboard in the corner of your room.
  • 2) Purchase local artwork to capture memories of the area.
  • 3)Add a water feature to your garden.
Surf Board Decor
Painting by Chris Potter
Ellwood Loose Bluffs Oil on Canvas

Grace Design Landscaping

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