Highclere Castle, A.K.A. Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

I had dreamed of one day coming to this place and seeing it in all its glory.  The crisp blue bird sky matched with the dark green pristine lawn of the estate made for a perfect day.

Downton Abbey
A Day at Highclere Castle

Driving up the final pebble entrance to the castle I began to cry.  “This is really happening… I am here at Highclere Castle, A.K.A Downton Abbey!”.

Prior to our tour we walked the property.  The castle is surrounded by massive cedar trees that are hundreds of years old.  The grounds are dotted with sheep roaming the fields and a walled secret garden provides you with colorful flowers.

Downton Abbey Trees
Highclere Castle Cedar Trees
Highclere Castle Sheep
Stoned Walled Garden Entrance
Walled Garden Flowers

About 50 of us gathered outside the main entrance for our private tour.  We were greeted by the butler and kindly welcomed into the Grand Hall.

Day at Highclere Castle

The Grand Hall is breathtaking, and the arches above it give the space a gothic feel with a twist of hominess.  Private photos of the The Queen, Diana and other royals are sprinkled throughout the house.

Downton Abbey Grand Hall
Grand Hall of Highclere Castle

Our hostess, The countess of Carnarvon, gave us a brief history of the state and then we were split into groups of 10 to visit the library, state rooms, bedrooms and a large collection of Egyptian artifacts.  The most impressive room is the library. The collection of rare books are from floor to ceiling and the bright red velvet couches remind you that you are in the presence of royalty and that each piece of furniture has years of history.

Library of Highclere Castle
Highclere Library

TO VISIT: You can take the train from London’s Paddington Station to Newbury Station, then take a taxi to the castle. Just make sure to plan your taxi back to Newbury Station and confirm your train times.




The regal deep dark colors of this space provide you with a palette that can be applied to any home.

  1.  Purchase a reproduction or authentic red rug.
  2. Consider researching your family Crest and have a plaque made to display in a place of honor.
Carnarvon Crest
Crest of Carnarvon

3. Construct a stone archway in your home for a dramatic look.



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