The Edinburgh Larder – A Hidden Gem

When you think of food in Scotland your “go to” is Fish and Chips, but what about Farm to Market foods that are healthy and fresh?   Traveling in the 80s & 90s around Britain food was slowly coming to the forefront and now it is the mainstream.  Supporting the local farm industry and local food industry is changing the quality of food and bringing tourists and locals to enjoy more healthy eats.

The best hidden secret for a delectable palette experience is The Larder on Blackfriars Street off the royal mile in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Larder
Great Breakfast

On our vacation in 2018 we stayed in an apartment just above this breakfast/lunch place.  The Blackfriars Lofts are elegant, conveniently located and have high-end furnishings.

Blackfriars Lofts

Each morning we would wake up to the fresh smell of scones, handmade breads and the traditional Scottish Breakfast.

Delicious Granola
Scones with Clotted Cream

Creative Artwork


The Staff are kind and welcoming to every guest and the friendly atmosphere makes your feel like you want to stay all day long.

One visit was not enough, every morning on our trip we ate here and realized that if we ever moved her to live, that this would be our go to place.  It’s hard to believe the one café can bring such warmth and cheer but this place truly cares about their products and the people who eat them. Don’t miss this hidden gem!





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3 thoughts on “The Edinburgh Larder – A Hidden Gem

  1. Finally read this article, thank you for sending the link! To keep going back it must be good, and was lovely to see the shots that will help me recognize it if I am around the area. Thanks again!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! This place has really some of the best breakfasts I’ve found in Edinburgh.
      The apartments for rent above are also very quiet, large and clean.
      Thanks for taking the time our to read it.
      If you every want to add one of my articles to your site and me do one of your posts I’d be happy to work with you.

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