Green Park – London

Green Park London

Just to the right of Buckingham Palace you will find Green Park.  Most people looking for a quiet moment head to St. James Park, but Green Park is my favorite!

Green park is nestled in between Buckingham Palace and Mayfair.  There is a tube stop just off Piccadilly, so access is easy and convenient.

Green Park London
The peaceful and quiet Green Park

Green park is plain, but the grass is green and the large oak trees that run along its paths provide great shade and privacy for the visitor. Flowers are few and far between, though history tells us that Charles the II wife, caught him picking flowers for another woman and thus his wife ended any future floral adornment in the park.  Though in Spring you can see lovely flower beds off the Mall between the Palace and the park.

Trees of Green Park
Green Park Trees
The Tulips of Green Park
Green Park Tulips

Though this park is smaller and less popular with tourists, this park is a local hangout.  I love it here, you can see old English men and women taking their daily stroll, dressed in tweed and hats.  You can see young people, playing cards, reading and sharing stories. People can rent chairs and set up an area to enjoy the entire day here with a “hamper” of food to share.

Green park in Summer
Green Park in Summer
Green Park
London’s Green Park

My favorite thing to do here, is after a long day of exploring the city,  I can hide away in a corner and take a safe and quiet rest.  This visual journey is a haven of peace in the bustling city of London.

Our visual Journey can be translated into design by this color palette.

Green Park Color Palette
Green Park Color Palette

Here are our 3 levels of design ideas:

  • Though we don’t have red in our palette we know that a small portion of the park is adorned with a few flower beds. Consider creating a raised flower bed on your home property.
Green Park Tulip Beds
Tulip Beds of Green Park
  • Purchase an antique bench and set it up in your yard.
Green Park Bench
Green Park Bench
  • If you are in need of new landscaping, consider a hearty oak tree.
Oak Tree
Oak Tree

Enjoy the Visual Journey of Green Park and take a chance and incorporate this palette into your home!

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