B & B Family Farm – Sequim Washington

When you think of lavender you think of southern France, with fields of purple as far as the eye can see. But what if you can’t travel over the Atlantic to visit these lovely farms? Why not consider a place closer to home in Sequim, Washington? Sequim, Washington is located northwest across Puget sound from Seattle.

Map of Sequim, WA
Map of Sequim, Washington

Sequim has the same climate of Provence, France and has multiple lavender farms to visit.  Our visit will take us to one of the best farms…..the B & B Family Farm.

The B & B Family Farm is a family run business. Bruce and Bonnie’s (i.e. B & B) vision now includes their children, all the way down to their grandchildren, everyone has a part to play in growing, harvesting and creatively providing multiple uses for the lavender they grow.

B & B Family Farm
The family takes part in cutting the Lavender

I had the privilege to take a private tour of the farm and learned alot about the process. The B & B Family Farm has 2 types of Lavender, English and French. Each type has different uses for essential oils, cooking, as well as, making soaps and other scented items.

French Lavender
An example of the French Lavender

There are 2 different colors of lavender at the farm: light pink and various purple hues.

Colors of Lavendar
Light Pink and Purple Lavender

Lavender is cut by hand with a small handheld sickle.  Then the lavender is banded and hung in the barn for a period of time to dry out.


Sickle to cut the Lavender
Drying Lavender
Drying the Lavender

After the lavender is dried the flower is separated from the stem by one machine and then processed through another larger machine for more processing.


Lavender Separating Machine
Lavender Separating Machine

Once this is done lavender can be processed for essential oils and other creative uses.

This B & B Family Farm is welcoming and friendly, the family makes you feel as if you are one of them.  Sequim has their annual Lavender Festival on July 19-21.


Make sure not to miss the B & B Family Farm, they will be waiting for you with open arms.

In my next blog I will discuss ways to take the colors of the B & B Family Farm and incorporate the color palette into your home.

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