Kezar Lake – The Call of the Loon

Kezar Lake Kayaking

After traveling overseas for the last 2 years on family vacations, we chose to stay in the states and visit our family roots in the New England Area. 

After living my summers as a kid in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesauke, we decided to find a smaller lake nearby for our holiday.  We chose Kezar Lake in Maine just across the border from New Hampshire.  National Geographic, at one time stated, that Kezar Lake was one the most picturesque lakes in America, so we decided to check it out.

Kezar Lake did not disappoint.  We stayed on the widest part of the lake facing west so sunsets where breathtaking and views of mountains and crystal clear water was at our doorstep.

Sunsets Kezar Lake
Kezar Lake Sunset – PC – Janet Nelson
Kezar Lake
Mountain view of Kezar Lake PC – Janet Nelson

Though boat traffic is allowed on the lake for water recreation, the volume of boats are small and provides you a very private and quiet experience.

Woody on Kezar
Boating Kezar – PC – Janet Nelson

I took it upon myself to wake up at 5AM and get out on the lake before anyone else, so I took my kayak and paddled around the lake looking for loons and peace.

Kezar Lake Kayaking
5AM Kayaking on Kezar Lake – PC Janet Nelson
Mist on Kezar Lake
Early Morning on Kezar Lake -PC Janet Nelson

After the sun began to lift it’s head the loons started singing and revealed themselves with in only a few yards of my boat.  Loon calls are the most emotional sound I know of and provide you with a lulling call like no other.  This is a sample of their wail…

Kezar Lake Loon
Loon on Kezar Lake – PC – Janet Nelson
Kezar Lake Loon
Loon on Kezar Lake – PC – Janet Nelson



To hear this Loon Wail sound, click on




If you want to stay on the lake the best way to enjoy your time is to rent a home for a week.  Kezar Real Estate has wonderful options for home rentals at various prices. Ask for Jeanne Bonner @ (207) 935-2500, would be happy to help you with a short term rental or even a forever home.

My next blog will incorporate this visual journey into your home.  Keep watch!



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