Kezar Lake – Part 2 Loon Decor

Kezar Lake Loon

After travels my to Maine on Kezar Lake, I must confess that incorporating the color palette for our home design from this “Visual Journey” was a tricky one.

The loon has 2 colors black and white, and the design on the bird’s back is like that of a checkerboard.      So, I decided to think outside the box for our 3 levels of design.  I hope this brings inspiration and ideas on how to incorporate this look into your home.

Level 1 – As you know by now, Level 1 is usually a renovation project.  I thought about how the black and white checkerboard might really provide a bold look in your kitchen.  Let’s get back to the 50’s with a modern look and add flooring that makes a BIG statement. Image 1 is a clean look while Image 2 incorporates soft wood tones.

Black and White Checker Board Flooring
Black and White Checker Board Flooring (Image 1)

Black and White Flooring 2Black and White Flooring with soft wood accents (Image 2)

For Level 2  – Let’s pull in a rug into one of your spaces and give it a face lift!

Dining Room Rug
Checkerboard Rug 
Example of a rug from Wayfair
Wayfair Rug

Level 3 – If you already have a lake house and want to add a memory from this “Visual Journey” consider       a Loon Decoy.  These can be purchased from local artisans or at antique shops.  Be prepared to pay a high price for the antique ones, but this is a quality piece that can bring back many happy memories. Enjoy!


Loon Decoy
Loon Decoy

Happy Decorating! Stay tuned for my next blog.  Salida, Colorado

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