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Hey Friends!  This is my first post for tips for traveling, so I decided to go with my favorite “go to” item. Every since studying abroad I have brought rubber bands with me.  I take about 10, just in case. Here are 3 ideas for using rubber bands while you travel.

1) If you tend to indulge in a lot of culinary temptations while on vacation, you might see your jeans are not fitting too well and you can’t get them to button. LOL!  Use a rubber band buy putting it through the button hold and attach it to the jeans button.  This will give you a little wiggle room prior to hitting the gym when you get home.

Rubber Band Extension
Rubber Band Pants Extender

2) You may roll your clothing to get more space in you luggage like I do, but why not use the rubber band to help keep all your rolled clothing from unrolling and maximize your space. This is a great help once you repack to head home. This little trick might help to make a bit more room for souvenirs.

Rubber Band and Rolled Clothing
Rubber Band your Travel Clothing

3) I can’t take created for #3 but this is brilliant!  Take a bunch of your rubber bands and weave them together to make a chain.  Use the chain for a laundry line when traveling. You might need more rubber bands for this one.  I did this in college and it worked great! Click on link below to see a video.

Rubber Band Clothing Line

Rubber Band Clothing Line
Rubber Band Clothing Line



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