2 Days in Salzburg, Austria


You can really cover a lot of ground in 2 days in Salzburg, Austria.  This town is small enough for you to feel like you’re a local, but big enough for you to be a tourist. Let’s visit some sites!

Accommodations in Salzburg can be pricey, so we stayed a short distance down the road in Grodig.   The Hotel Sallerhof, is easily accessible by bus and has great area amenities.  Our hotel was quiet, clean, and included breakfast. The rooms were very large and the owners were kind and available to help you with any specific requests.

A perfect Hotel while visiting Salzburg – Hotel Sallerhof in Grodig
Tourist Map of Salzburg
Map of Salzburg
Hohensalzburg Fortress
Hohensalzburg Fortress – Photo from salzburg.info

Our first stop was the Hohensalzburg Fortress.  In its day, this fortress was the largest castle in all of Europe.  The fortress/castle was used to protect the Archbishop and the towns people from foreign attacks.

Visiting the castle before 10AM is worth it, like many sites in Europe getting an early start will provide you with less crowds but most of all discounted ticket prices.  You can hike to the top on foot or take the Funicular.  (Fun Fact:  This castle was used as the abbey in the movie, The Sound of Music).

After your Castle tour, take yourself down to Old Town and stroll the University Platz.  Here you will often find a market with traditional foods and crafts. When we travel, we like to purchase fruit, meat and bread so we can have lunch and enjoy watching the locals living life in their town.

Old Town Craft Market
Old Town Craft Market – Photo by Janet Franz Nelson

After lunch, walk down Getreidegasse Street and do some window shopping.  Take notice of the old traditional shop signs hanging from above the shops, just like they did hundreds of years ago. Walking down the street you will come upon a multi-storied yellow building.  This is the birthplace of  Mozart, who was born in 1756 in the “Hagenauer Haus” at No. 9 Getreidegasse.  If you love Mozart music this is a must see.

Mozart’s Birthplace – Photo by Janet Franz Nelson

Your afternoon must include a stop at the Sacher Hotel Cafe’, here you can indulge in their famous Sacher Torte.   This treat can only be found at the Sacher Hotels, sure there are copies but this the home of the original.   I had my first torte in Vienna with my parents as a child and got to enjoy this experience again years later with my husband and daughter right here in Salzburg!

'Sacher Hotel Cafe - Salzburg'
Sacher Hotel Cafe‘ – Photo by Janet Franz Nelson
'Sacher - Torte'
Sacher – Torte – Photo by Janet Franz Nelson

Day 2

Make your way to Mirabell Palace & Gardens, located on the River Salzach on the other side of the river. (See Map Above)

Mirabell Palace was first built in 1606 for the Archbishop and his mistress. After his death the palace was taken over by Markus Sitticus von Hohenemes.  He changed the name to Mirabell Palace (Mira – admirable & Belle – beauty).  Many revisions have taken place in its history but the charm has never been altered. Taking a tour will provide you with the grandeur of this place.

The gardens might look familiar to you because they were used in the movie, The Sound of Music. Remember the children singing and dancing “Do-Re-Mi” in a park, well this is the place. Take a stroll and rest on a garden bench before heading out to your Sound of Music Tour.

We then took our lunch and enjoyed our meal in the palace gardens.  We did this so we could meet our Sound of Music Tour group. I found a locally based company,  Salzburg Panorama.  I often choose a local tour company rather than the bigger websites, because, if there is an issue with my booking after arrival I have a place and person to talk to.  Tripadvisor and Viator are also options, but we prefer a locally based company.

I know it’s kind of goofy to consider this tour, but we were pleasantly surprised.  Our hotel had a non-stop loop of the movie playing in English so we watched it again the day before our tour.  Fun Fact: Almost all Austrians have never seen the movie and don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

We set off in our van singing songs from the show and explored the various actual sites and really felt like we could “Climb Every Mountain”.

Sound of Music Gazebo – Photo by Janet Franz Nelson
Home used as VonTrapp Home for Sound of Music – Photo by Janet Franz Nelson
Sound of Music Wedding Church – Photo by Janet Franz Nelson

All in all 2 days in Salzburg, Austira made us happy and contented by what we saw in this musical city. We left there feeling like we saw almost everything we set out to do. Next time we visit I think we will venture out father afield and do some hiking.

Check back with me in a few weeks to see how this Visual Journey can be incorporated into your home through DESIGN!


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