From Travel to Design – Salzburg, Austria Part 2


After our travels to Salzburg, it’s now time to translate that visual journey to our home design.

Notice the various colors in our travel/design palette.  There are many colors represented here but all are “toned’ down, note the pinks and yellows are not too bright but the greens seem to stand out. Gold is a predominate color inside and out in Salzburg, so let’s figure out how to implement these colors into our home.  We always use our 3 levels of design to incorporate into our home no matter what your budget.

LEVEL 1 EASY –  Why not consider “wearing” your decor?  Below is an example of a dirndl dress still worn by many women in Salzburg.  I remember seeing many locals wearing these colorful dresses to work and about town.

Traditional Dirndl Dress

LEVEL 2 MODERATE –  Many of the historic buildings in Salzburg have many hints of gold and yellows.  Remember Mozart’s Birthplace in my last post?  In this photo we have many gold inlays.  Gold and brass is making a comeback in kitchens and baths. Use this photo to be inspired.

Gold inlay and accent design -Mirabell Palace
Gold accents really make a room stand out.

LEVEL 3 HARD – There are many murals inside and outside of businesses and homes in Salzburg.  Why not consider having a hand painted mural on a predominate wall in your home.  You can hire someone to do the work for you and have a custom look or consider wallpaper that has a great scene from your favorite travels.  Here is a link to a company that can take a favorite picture and transfer it to a wall mural.

Sundial wall mural in Salzburg, Austria
Wall Mural of Salzburg

Enjoy Salzburg all year long by implementing these travel to design ideas into your home.

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