Venice- You Have to Go….


As a travel blogger you spend hours upon hours thinking of ways to articulate your travel discoveries.  For me, Venice just fills my head with so much excitement and wonder that I find myself at odds at how to take just a few emotions and translate them to the page.  So here goes….

Grand Canal Rialto Bridge

Getting off the train in Venice and boarding our private “water” taxi was just so very abnormal to the human mind. It took our family a few minutes to embrace this unique island and grasp that everything was built on stilts on this island lagoon.  Water, palaces, church bells, boats weaving in and out of narrow canals was more than we could process.  But after a few twists and turns down the Grand Canal and gondoliers voices echoing down these waters we began to get in the rhythm of this wonderland.

Grand Canal Venice

Venice is always moving… People, zig-zagging through shoulder width alleys, boats delivering goods at odd hours just to get through canals to their destinations. Hotel owners spending hours trying to help tourists navigate this maze that is Venice.  I just love it!  You are transported to another time and place.

Venice Bridge of Sighs

Getting lost in Venice is inevitable!  Relax, explore and enjoy the unknown.  Just go with it and take in all the discoveries that are before you.  If you do this, your visit will be filled with unexpected surprises and great photo opportunities.  Make every effort to look up and around hidden corners, the architecture is a smorgasbord of styles, Venetian Gothic, Renaissance, Islamic/Moroccan and even a splash of modern.  Your camera will be begging you to hit the shutter button.


Santa Maria Della Salute
Saint Marks Square

Sit, eat and eat and sit some more.  Having a cappuccino alfresco in St. Mark’s Square is worth the splurge.  I always visit Caffé Florian.    I love the view, the hustle and bustle of the square, music and the hot chocolate on a chilly day.

Hot Chocolate Caffe’ Florian
Orchestra at Caffe’ Florian

For a great hotel I used to stay at the Locando Orseolo which sadly has since changed hands and is now called,

The interior is the same and all reviews continue to give it a thumbs up.  It is conveniently located just off St. Marks Square and provides great canal views.  It also provides a full breakfast.   (check out the video below)

Formerly Locando Orseolo – Now the Palazzo Orseolo

This video is view from the hotel lobby.

With the ever- changing climate, make Venice move to the top of your bucket list.  Who knows how long this wonder will still be with us?


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