Travel Design Discoveries – Venice Part 2

Design Palette of Venice

How do we take the travel discoveries from our “Visual Journeys” and translate them into our home through design?  This month, my blog has discovered the many facets of Venice, so let’s interpret our travel journey of Venice into your home through my 3 levels of design.

For those of you new to my site, we use 3 levels of design to incorporate into your home, which gives you multiple options on any  budget.

Level 1 – A Less Expensive Gift Idea

Pigment Art Shop - Venice
Colorful Pigment for your painting inspirations

My daughter is a wonderful watercolor artist, so the first thing we did in Venice was to locate this store, called, Arcobaleno Pigmenti.

You can buy multiple colors of pigment here to use in watercolor painting.  You can buy as much or as little as you want.  They put the pigment in small plastic bags so you can bring them home in your suitcase.    They also have lovely leather paint brush holders for all your painting supplies.

LEVEL 2 – Venetian glass that makes a major statement!

Murano Glass Vase
Murano Glass Blue Vase

A trip to the island of Murano, located an hour boat ride from Venice city center is worth a trip.  You can visit the many glass blowing design centers and purchase an item that could be a focal point on your dining room table.  Prices vary by shop and size of the item. (See video below by Murano Glass)

LEVEL 3 – Hand-Painted Venetian furniture

Venetian Buffet
Hand Painted Venetian Buffet

The Venetians love to embellish their home furniture and walls with floral and artistic hand-painted design.  This is an example of a hand-painted wooden buffet. You can also take an old piece and transform it by having an artist design it for you! This is a local company in Venice that’s worth a look.

Inspire Me………

I’d love to see your travel discovery design inspirations that you have integrated into your home.  Please post so I can gain more insight from your travels. I’d love to do a post of your design ideas so others can enjoy. Let’s work together.

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