From Travel to Design – Wales Part 2

Wales Color Palette

Let’s take our past journey to Wales and incorporate the color palette and style into our home.

Like many seaside towns we have a lot of greens and blues that dominate the landscape. While white washed homes and  various stone hues also are a primary source of color.

Our 3 levels of design can be incorporated into your home in many ways, but these are my top 3 favorites.

Level 1- This would be a room transformation that would bring nature into your home. A white washed stone wall can bring any room a sense of depth and texture.

White washed Welsh walls
White Washed Walls

Level 2 –This amazing sculpture from Acorn Furniture in Wales would make a wonderful statement piece for your home.

Acorn Furniture Sculpture
Buy this wood Mobius Sculpture from What a great contrast against your stone walls!

Level 3 – Purchase a high end blanket or other woven creations from Melin Tregwynt. This company produces top quality woolens for businesses and homes. These products will be in your family for generations. Visit there website at


Melin Tregwynt Company
Top quality woven products by Melin Tregwynt for your business or home.

Happy Travels,  and may you always see how to transform your home to a lasting memory of your journeys.

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