Taking a Trip to the Grocery Store

Here are a few practical ways for you to grocery shop in trying times. We may not be able to travel far from home, but let’s make the most of those little trips, i.e. grocery shopping.

  1. DON’T HOARD!  We all need to eat so let’s share the goods.
  2. Encourage the grocery workers (from a distance) by letting them know how much you appreciate them and all there hard work.
  3. Be open to trying different types of food.  With shelves temporarily empty you may have to think outside the “box”.
  4. Be creative with what you have in your refrigerator. Use the leftovers in new ways.
  5. Support small restaurants by buying gift cards that can be used later.
  6. Use Grub Hub, it’s now free for delivery.
  7. Get you head in the right mindset before heading out.
  8. Have a plan.
  9. And of course remain calm and distance yourself.
  10. Help your neighbors our who can get to the grocery store.

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