Is you passion for travel fading?

Has your passion for travel been fading during these unique times?

I never thought I would ever not want to travel this wonderful world that the creator has made. To be honest I’m content to stay put and follow the rules.

I must confess that my confidence level to travel to another country and the passion to venture abroad is somewhat fading.

Planning for vacations has been who I am for over 40 years.  The research, the maps, the learning some of a new language and watching hours upon hours of travel videos and programs is what I do.  My whole family and all my friends always turn to me to “plan” their vacations.  All that has come to a halt along with many other things in this world.

So how do we get our passion back? Well these 7 things might get you back on track:

  • By 3 travels books of somewhere you have never been and always wanted to visit.
  • Purchase a detailed map of that country and study it from cover to cover, noting places that look interesting.
  • Begin to compile a list of your top 5 places to stay in that country.
  • Learn a new language!
  • Write to other blogger in the country of interest to get their feedback on what the economy and travel industry really looks like prior to going.
  • Since Netflix and Amazon Prime seem to be our “go to” tv stations:  watch, some travel shows on a favorite past travel location and research new movies that might inspire you to travel.
  • Research the ever-changing travel restrictions, possible new documents and airline requirements when this is over.
  • Visit when you are feeling safe and confident again, but be sensitive to others who might not be as confident as you are when traveling.
  • I always include prayer and some Bible reading to keep me less anxious and patient. Try it! It is life changing.

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