3 Levels of Traditional Irish Design

Since enjoying our virtual journey to Ireland, we wanted to bring the style and elegance of this welcoming country into our home.  With my 3 levels of design we will incorporate 3 elements that can give any home a feel of the Irish countryside.

LEVEL 1 – The “heart of the home” is always centered around the fireplace.  Having tea, warming up after a brisk walk or just sharing stories from the past is where family and friends come together to  congregate.  Why not consider adding a dramatic focal point in your living room to make a statement that is proven to stand out.

Level 1 – An Irish Cottage Fireplace

LEVEL 2 – High end drapes can soften a room and also provide drama.  Heavy lined drapes also allow the draft of an Irish winter day to stay at bay.  Windows often feel bland and uninviting without some soft fabrics to dress them up.  Consider a pattern or a color that is somewhat out of your comfort zone and explore all the many options of dressing your windows.

Level 2 – Quality Irish Fabric

Level 3 – We could all use a little “luck of the Irish” can’t we?  Horseshoes are a way of protecting the home  and gives the home a bit of whimsy.  Antique shops and horse barns are a good place to find these inexpensive trinkets and are easy to fit in your luggage.  The ribbon on this example is a nice way to upscale a simple item.

Level 3 – Lucky Horseshoe

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