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I am sure there has been 1 or 2 movies that once you saw them you said to yourself, “I have to go there!”  Since travel is very limiting at this time we can always escape to another time and place through the power of technology. Below I have listed 10 of my favorites that are worth watching again and again.

Under the Tuscan Sun

After a messy marriage and a failing job. Frances (Diane Lane) is given a gift from her 2 dearest friends, a gay tour of Tuscany.  She reluctantly goes on the tour and falls in love with an old run-down villa.  She buys it and is transformed by the process of restoring the place and meets wonderful friends along the way.

Under the Tuscan Sun

The Sound of Music

Sure we know the story, but did you know the town in which is was filmed?  Salzburg, Austria provides a perfect backdrop with alps, cobblestone streets, church bells and the looming war that is coming.  (See My former post on Salzburg)

After being encouraged to leave a life in the local abbey, (Julie Andrews) Maria, takes a job as a nanny with a wealth Salzburg family. After sometime of adjustment,  the children and father see what joy she brings and they return to happy memories of times past.  This movie never disappoints.

Sound of Music

A Good Day

After becoming the sole beneficiary of his uncles villa in France, Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) inherits the place. He must restore the place for resale. Dealing with his past and his unhappy life he becomes awake to the beauty and support of the people, home and landscape of the French countryside.

A Good Year

Jason Bourne Movies

We all need a good spy movie, so why not see the whole Bourne Series.  Traveling all over Europe and beyond, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) was a CIA operative and now doesn’t know who he is or who he works for. Though he is good at getting the bad guys, Jason, is alone and confused as to how he got to where he is today.  Could it be that someone has programmed his mind to only kill? Great movie but not one for the younger kids.

Jason Bourne Movies

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

4 girlfriends find a pair of pants at a thrift shop and find that the jeans fit them all.  They make a pact to share the pants while they are apart for the summer.  Lena travels to see family in Greece, Bridget is in Mexico, while Tibby and Carmen stay stateside.  Teen romance, family conflict and commitment to friendship are strong themes throughout.

The Sisterhood if the Traveling Pants

Seven Years in Tibet

Who doesn’t love a good Brad Pitt movie? After hiking and exploring in the himalayan mountains,  a mountaineering team is captured and imprisoned, they escape and end up in Tibet where Heinrich Harrer (Pitt) ends up becoming a tutor for the Dalai Lama.

                            Seven Years in Tibet

The Holiday

This is my all time favorite movie!!! 2 women, one from Surrey, England and one from Los Angeles, are both depressed and alone.  After looking for a house swap they both connect and swap homes.  The both find the true meaning of happiness in the most unusual places. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz star in this romantic comedy.

The Holiday

Leap Year

Anna Brady (Amy Adams) has it all, she is a successful interior designer and is dating a surgeon.  The boyfriend has a conference in Dublin and has asked her to come visit him.  When her plane is forced to land in another part of Ireland and transportation is limited due to weather, Anna ends up in a small Irish coastal town with many misfits.  She pays a handsome, though unfriendly bartender, to drive her to Dublin but many unfortunate scenarios end up slowing down the process.  Is a romance developing? Will the surgeon still be the love of her life or is the local bartender someone she can share a life with?

Leap Year

Streaming on Netflix

Emily in Paris – (Series)

Emily (Lily Collins) gets a dream job in Paris.  She is determined to make a name for herself while all the while, trying to fit in with the people who work and live there.  The series is filmed in Paris, so while the story line is engaging, you can’t help but enjoy the romantic views that suck you into the City of Lights. You can stream Season 1 on Netflix and Season 2 will be out next year!

Emily in Paris

Grantchester – (Series)

Also on Netflix, PBS and Masterpiece, Prime, etc.

If you love British “telly” then you already know about Grantchester. A village near Cambridge that always has a murder to solve.  The detective and the local vicar are always teaming up to find out “who done it”.  Set in the real town of Grantchester located near Cambridge, the films small town country vibe is a picturesque backdrop for this TV series.  The stone cottages, rivers and dales whisk you away to quiet calmer place.  This is England at it’s best.


While we continue to crave travel, let’s continue to keep calm and carry on.  Stay healthy and safe.





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