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Janet Franz Nelson

As I share with you my Visual Journeys (my photos), I hope that you will be drawn in with me to see the world as a place that allows you to find those hidden pathways and unique patinas that bring us into another time and place. 

We are so blessed by this beautiful earth we live in, and we must open our eyes and see all the beauty the creator has made, as well as, all the amazing artistry made by man.

As a child my father flew all over the world for his work. After every trip he would bring home a doll that was adorned with its countries attire.  After many years, my room became a smorgasbord of dolls that symbolized my hopes, in that, one day I would be able to visit these faraway places.

My First Trip to Europe

At the age of eight I had the privilege to fly with my parents overseas.  We traveled all over Europe and beyond in the 60’s and 70’s. This was when travel was the thing!  Dressing up to fly for an eight-hour trip in coach including real silverware and delectable meals was really living!  Travel may not be as luxurious today, but it is more accessible than ever before, with many more flights, more seating options and if you are willing to travel out of season, less money.

Switzerland – Janet Franz-Nelson

My first trip took me to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and England.  My first sight of Switzerland was so breathtaking that I couldn’t hold back the tears. Also England, took me in its arms and made me feel Royal, even if it was only for a few days. These were the defining moments that confirmed I had found my passion. 

My other passion is design.  I like to take the “Visual Journeys” of my trips and process all my photos and see how I might be able to take the color palette and apply it into my home.

A perfect example of this implementation is seen in my love for windows.  I have 3 church window frames in my home and seeing them daily reminds me of of all the churches I have visited near and far.

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