5 Top Travel Tips with Pets


Prior to your trip make sure that your hotel or vacation rental allows pets. This may seem obvious, but you don’t want to be wasting time looking for a kennel during your precious vacation. Make sure you have included your pet’s veterinarian information and bring along any medications. Provide daily food for your dog and […]

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Travel Tips – Rubber Bands


Hey Friends!  This is my first post for tips for traveling, so I decided to go with my favorite “go to” item. Every since studying abroad I have brought rubber bands with me.  I take about 10, just in case. Here are 3 ideas for using rubber bands while you travel. 1) If you tend […]

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Recipe for the week – Highclere Castle Bread

Maybe, Mrs. Patmore of Downtown Abbey used this bread recipe. Highclere Castle makes this bread on a regular basis.  Lady Carnarvon of Highclere castle is quiet an expert in creating unique recipes for her home; see all her tasteful delights at – Cooking with Lady Carnarvon on YouTube.  See Video below.

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Hostel vs Hotel – Switzerland


The most luxurious hotel I have ever stayed in Switzerland is the Riffelalp Resort 2222m.  This haven is located up the mountainside, via train, from the town of Zermatt.  The hotel sits on the edge of a precipice that overlooks the valley of Zermatt and faces the majestic, well known, Matterhorn. Every one of your […]

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The Edinburgh Larder – A Hidden Gem

When you think of food in Scotland your “go to” is Fish and Chips, but what about Farm to Market foods that are healthy and fresh?   Traveling in the 80s & 90s around Britain food was slowly coming to the forefront and now it is the mainstream.  Supporting the local farm industry and local food […]

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Reflections of Notre Dame

Notre Dame

In 1985, I traveled all over Europe studying abroad with my college.  Our first big city we visited was Paris.  We walked up and down cobble stone streets, into museums and to other famous tourist sites, to the point of being overwhelmed and exhausted. When we turned a corner and arrived at Notre Dame, I […]

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Monticeto & Santa Barbara


Sitting at an outdoor cafe, https://honorbar.com/, in the coastal village of Montecito I am happy! The smell of the ocean is combined with my fresh burger and coleslaw and is it just what the doctor ordered. Montecito is an upscale coastal village adjacent to Santa Barbara’s coastline. I always feel a little more classy here; […]

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Isle of Skye, Scotland…


Located on the west coast of Scotland lies the whimsical island of Skye. This island is the largest of all the islands in Scotland.  This island has unique rock and land formations all layered with green moss, and cliffs that drop into the deep blue sea.  The year-round population is small at about 9,000 people […]

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Orvieto, Italy – If these walls could talk…


Just a one-hour train ride from Rome and you arrive at the charming hill town of Orvieto.  The village sits on top of a precipice high above the rolling countryside. This is a walled village with ancient streets and buildings that have narrow alleys and walkways. It’s easy to get lost in this village maze […]

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In the Beginning…


Are you ready to embark on visual journeys and pathways around the world?  This site is intended to meet your wanderlust and provide you with images that you might see on your travels and provoke you to think about how you might implement, color, culture, texture and Patina to your interior design space.  Join me […]

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