A Travel Escape of Photos

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Memories of my Study Abroad – 1985

With so much talk about the Coronavirus and study abroad programs being cancelled.  I though I would reflect on my 1985 study abroad program. The college I attended had a great 2 1/2 month summer program which we studied the Reformation. We traveled to most of Europe and the UK while staying in tents or […]

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From Travel to Design – Wales Part 2

Wales Color Palette

Let’s take our past journey to Wales and incorporate the color palette and style into our home. Like many seaside towns we have a lot of greens and blues that dominate the landscape. While white washed homes and  various stone hues also are a primary source of color. Our 3 levels of design can be […]

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Travel Quote for the Month

Travel Quote
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Travel Design Discoveries – Venice Part 2

Design Palette of Venice

How do we take the travel discoveries from our “Visual Journeys” and translate them into our home through design?  This month, my blog has discovered the many facets of Venice, so let’s interpret our travel journey of Venice into your home through my 3 levels of design. For those of you new to my site, […]

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Travel Tips – Rubber Bands


Hey Friends!  This is my first post for tips for traveling, so I decided to go with my favorite “go to” item. Every since studying abroad I have brought rubber bands with me.  I take about 10, just in case. Here are 3 ideas for using rubber bands while you travel. 1) If you tend […]

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